First Post is Always Boring, Right?

Reader, I’m starting a blog.

This is an idea that’s been knocking around in my brain for a while now, so might as well get into it.  Being less-than-tecnologically-inclined, I wasn’t drawn to blogging as an outlet for my writing urges to start with, but here we are.

I’m not entirely sure what this spot will turn into, but what pushed me into it was having a specific thing to write about, and a friend encouraging me to do it.  The friend (let’s call him Jonathan.  Maybe John for short) is one of those rare people who used to be a lover and is now one of my closest friends.  One afternoon recently, we were sitting on the porch together catching up on our lives.  I’d just gotten out of a relationship that had been – not to be too dramatic here – soul-crushing.  The ex did not want me to so much as speak to someone I had actually slept with at some point in the past, so I didn’t have much contact with Jonathan for a few years.  I’m skimming over things here, but maybe it’ll come up later.  It will if it’s relevant.  Anyway, catching up on our lives; I’ve always been a highly sexual person, but that side of me had been unwelcome in the late relationship.  I’d done my best to compromise and keep it all buried, which anyone will tell you is not a healthy approach to one’s feelings.  Since I’d been single and free I had dipped my toe back into to world of sex and all that comes with it.  In just a few months I’d already had bad experiences, amazingly great experiences, and experiences that I wanted to examine more closely.  I’d been playing with the idea of a “sex blog” to use as a dumping ground/shooting range for all these ideas and such, and mentioned as much to Jonathan.  He said, “Hell yeah!” or something to that effect, and we moved on to other topics.  Weeks passed with no writing, and then maybe a few more weeks passed with no writing and then tonight I said, “Might as well start now.  Got to get that boring introductory post out of the way.”

Once again I was talking with Jonathan.  I mentioned that all the names I had thought of for this thing had already been taken and I was stuck trying to come up with what to call the damn thing.  He thought for a moment and said, “Sanguine Snow”.  I checked and no one had taken that one yet!  Might as well use it.  That’s why this post is partly a big “Thank You!” for the name, and also for always encouraging me to write.  Years ago, when we were together, he and I shared a creaky old attic.  We were poor students, which is never actually as romantic in real life as it sounds in novels (neither is living in a creaky old attic, for that matter).  A friend of mine had given me my first computer – a laptop which was so outdated that I couldn’t use it for much else than writing.  I used it for school assignments, but also for short fiction.  I was sure that I’d keep hammering away on those keys for a few years and then be ready to start submitting things for publication.  Plenty has happened between than and now, and I’m not half thinking of publishing anytime soon, but it feels good to be hammering away again.  I’m just going to ramble to my heart’s content and if you want to, you can read all about what’s on my mind.


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