Time Suck and No Posts

I have a draft I’m working on.  I have ideas for future posts.  I have a million distractions and a full calendar.  I have been able to keep up with my goal of writing something every day, but having something ready to post here every day is not going to happen anytime soon (not this semester anyway).  I’m a bit frustrated, since I enjoy blogging much more than I enjoy some of the class time I have, but that’s the reality I’m facing right now.  I’m mostly just venting right now, since I feel better after I’ve done so, but I also want to mention how much the lack of time can weigh on someone trying to work on a project purely for the sake of working on it.

Most of my friends can relate to this.  I remember someone – I can’t remember who, or what prompted this observation – saying that the old system of artists working for patrons needed to come back.  If you look into it, you’ll find that lots of the greats, the ones remembered by history, were able to work because they had the financial backing of the church or the local nobles.  I’m not anywhere near the point that I could get a patron if such things existed, and I wouldn’t want to live under the feudal or religious system that would bring them back, but I would like just a few more hours in each day.


2 Responses to “Time Suck and No Posts”

  1. oh, that was me. Can’t wait to read more. If I ever win the lottery I will be your patron!

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