It’s not dead, it’s just resting!

I read somewhere on the internets that x-gazillion blogs are abandoned after just one or two posts.  And to think, I could be one of them!  I just started this thing and wandered off, like it was a conversation at a party where I’d had too many drinks. I even have some drafts of things that might be posts if only I could convince them to live.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, and also that was like, last week or some shit, but there’s not time like now to try and get back into it.

So, what have I been doing?  There’s always the obvious answer, which is that school ate my brain and all my free time.  More recently, I’ve stumbled across a sexy toy website and have been using what little writing time I have to write reviews over there.

Obviously, I have trouble getting myself to write regularly when there are shiny things to distract me, but so far I’ve noticed that having a set format and a set topic makes it much easier.  Also, I really like writing about sex toys.

I will try to get back over here at least on a weekly basis, but if I vanish for month on end, try checking my page over there.  I have plenty of motivation to write about things that cause orgasms!


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