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Last Sunday, I had my tarot cards read.  I’m pretty thoroughly a skeptical science-loving athiest sort of person, but also not one to turn down a sincere offer.  Although I’ll make fun of astrology and such, I don’t mind tarot because on the rare occasion someone wants to do a reading for me I look at is as a way of using free association to start digging into personal issues I may not have gotten around to otherwise.  It’s kind of like a psychological version of those writing prompts that sound silly but can get you over a block when you need to.

I had one from a friend of a friend about this time last year while I was at a bar, and the main things that kept coming up were closeness to family and gaining power and control through money.  Over the past year, I’ve been recovering from a rough marriage and some of the things that have been best for me in that time have been getting closer to my family and finally having control of my finances again.  It probably would have worked out that way anyway, but getting a nudge in that direction helped, particularly with the finances since one of the things that made me decide to leave was finding out that my ex had been stealing from my savings.  Having a secure cache of money again has helped me feel free of that part of my past much faster.

So, I was hanging around Sunday afternoon, when an older druidic-looking fellow offered me a reading.  The main things that came up were that I was finally going to embark on some great creative project, but that it wouldn’t really take off until a negative male influence that was already waning was entirely gone.  A new person would enter my life (either someone I’d just met or someone I was soon to meet), and could help as long as I didn’t allow their personality to overwhelm me.  Finally, a big decision would need to be made – one that has been in the works for a while, but that once it happened would change everything so completely that it would be like an entirely new start.

At this point, people more logical than me are laughing, because a) Who doesn’t have some negative male influence in her past?  b) Kinky geeky people almost always have some creative thing going on or about to begin, and c) Everyone met new people that weekend.  Interesting ones.

Still, I’m taking the “can’t hurt to think about it” approach.  I am about to get to the point where I’ll never have to have any contact with the ex again, or even see him in my town.  I DID meet lots of new people, who I’d like to get to know better, I could use a creative kick to the brain, and I have an idea about that earth-shattering decision, but it’s a secret for now.


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