Infecting My Brain

I’ve been kept away from writing by many things.  I’ve already listed many of these in posts past, so no need to list all of them now.  The one that has been stealing my time lately is a long -really long – series of posts in various locations from a new friend of mine.  A Potential Sir, if you will.

* Physics pop quiz!  How does a Potential Sir become a Kinetic Sir?  If I find out, I’ll post the answer here.  If you have the answer already, please let me know.  I clearly have issues with this.

These posts are full – absolutely full! – of things that spark my imagination.  Perhaps too much so.  Today, I was sitting at a table fairly early in the morning filling in paperwork.  A group of young fit guys came around the corner I was facing, and as soon as I looked up and saw them heading in my general direction my mind was filled with images of me stripping off my button-down top as fast as I could to offer myself to them.  Of all four of them taking me up on the offer and helping me out of my trousers as they bent me over a nearby desk and had their filthy way with me, all the time saying sweet, dirty things encouraged by my lustful begging for more.

There’s not much detail in my mind, because as soon as I registered this visceral reaction I filed it away for later so I could concentrate on my work.  Just like I flew through my last exam less than an hour after reading a message from Him, telling myself that regardless of how distracted I might be by my needs and how deeply His words provoked them, I had to focus on enzymes and peristalsis and save the anterior parts of my anatomy for later attention.  I made myself focus so well that if I didn’t get an “A” I probably deserve a spanking for being so easily distracted from academics.

Well!  General desire is not at all new to me.  Seeing someone I find appealing and wanting to experience dirty things with them is at least a daily occurrence.  What is a tad unusual is seeing a group of men and before I can even judge their attractiveness being hit with technicolor images of taking them all on when moments before I was filling in forms and organizing papers.  If I thought it all through and wrote out details, maybe it would be exciting.  Maybe it would be similar to the things I’ve been reading if I looked at where these images were coming from.  What gets my attention is that without even knowing it was there, my mind now has a corner devoted to exploring these ideas and it will strike when I least expect it.

I must get some sleep now, since the meeting we’ve been planning over the past week is tomorrow.  I am up much later than I’d expected, due to a date, and then talking with some friends.  So off to bed!  If I have anything more to say about this (and I think I will) I will continue later.  Just wanted to get that written down, as it’s been sneaking into my mind all day.


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