An observation or two . . .

Remember how not too long ago TVs were boxy objects that received transmissions through antennae?  If you don’t, you are far too young to be reading this so please go elsewhere.  I’ll wait . . . . Okay, all adults here?  So, sometimes the picture would roll and you try adjusting the antenna and then when that doesn’t quite fix it you just smack the damn thing a couple of times and then it’s fine?

I work the same way!  Well, it sounded clever when it popped into my head this morning.   Because after lots of firm smacking (among other things) I was feeling all clear-headed.  I’ll leave out the analogies next time; may not be my strong suit.

I mentioned recently that I was going out to visit Potential Sir over the weekend.  I’ve been all giddy about this for a while, but always have my doubts and reservations lurking in the back of my mind.  I am a very difficult person to deal with at times, and these things are not easy for me to balance.  Except when they are.  And they are much, much easier when the other party involved is good at negotiation and good at listening to all my rules and warnings and explanations of how I tick.

The smacking part alone is a good example.  I am very particular about who is allowed to spank me and how it’s done.  People who listen and are good at paying attention to reactions can do it the Right Way.  The Right Way is – sometimes literally – orgasmic.  The Wrong Way ends with me suspecting that the other party didn’t listen to anything I said to them and puts them on the ever-growing list of People Not Allowed To Touch Me.  Here’s the part where I analyze things:  The Right Way only seems to happen when I meet someone who actually wants to see how can be handled when I am felling submissive.  The Wrong Way, in my experience, is offered by people who want to see women handled as submissive, full stop.

General social issues (I should really do a full post on those.  They’re interesting and endlessly frustrating.), me getting really excited about fun to the point that I sometimes go running ahead of my good sense, and occasionally people outright lying are the main things that can make me miss hints that someone might have motivations that are going to show themselves in ugly ways later on.  When this happens, it almost always ends with me calling things to a stop and repeating my rules, and the other party either giving up or complaining and then giving up.  Fine – if you assume that because I consented to (or asked for)anything (this does apply more broadly) you get to do said thing exactly how you want without respecting my wants, you’re doing it wrong.

But enough of that.  I was talking about The Right Way.  Potential Sir knows how it works.  Knows so well that he could read my reactions and spank harder and more intensely and move all over my thighs and ass and then finally between my legs and then stop just when the moment came that stopping would make me want more.  Finally, after getting back home only slightly sore, I still do want more.  Which is just one more thing that happens after I’m handled The Right Way.

That’s all I have time for now.  It’s possible I shouldn’t write about people out here where anyone could see it.  It’s possible that Potential Sir will notice I’ve written a brief critique here and that I’ll be in trouble.  Possibly, that means I deserve another spanking.  One can only hope.


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