Bad Date Update

You guys that commented on that last post really helped today.  I have so much trouble being “mean” sometimes – and by “mean” I am referring to acting in my own interests when they conflict with someone else’s – and it’s also difficult for me most of the time to ask for support like that.  So I want to thank you, and invite you to come live in my Sexy Victorian House, should I ever acquire such a thing.

Even though I didn’t really want to I went to the lunch that was planned for today, since I wanted to be all brave by talking about this and offering a great big NO in person.  A challenge that I’d be better for, I thought.  Man, what a letdown!  I should know by now that dudes who are delusional about their own awesomeness have no idea how to react to conflict or rejection in the first place, so there’s that.  Still, I wanted to at least lay down the law, but why waste time?  It’d all have fallen on deaf ears anyway.

The meal itself was great.  When I first got there, I dodged a kiss so it landed on my cheek, then got into conversation with the cousins, who I ended up getting on with pretty well.  This also allowed me to make another observation – one I’ve made before – regarding the lack of actual awesomeness.  I’ve noticed that people who have unwarranted high opinions of themselves tend to go on and on about themselves in one-on-one conversation, but cannot get into the flow of a casual group conversation.  Since I like being social at times, I have gotten pretty good at casual conversation (or at least better at it than I ever thought I’d be) and that makes it all the more obvious when someone just cannot do it.  I have a high tolerance for social awkwardness, being able to relate to it, but someone who thinks too highly of themselves without paying attention to feedback can just be entirely unaware that they’re actually quite boring.

So I was talking about all sorts of things with the two cousins, and Misogynist Dude was just kinda sitting around being dull.  Finally, he brings out his GUITAR.  Because bitches will totally throw their dirty knickers at you if you have a GUITAR, right?  I don’t know.  Maybe the cello would work better.  Cellos are pretty hot.  And you can try to land a knicker-throw right on the bow, too!

Well, I decided it was about time to head home, since he hadn’t tried to talk with me at all.  And I wasn’t going to charge in, eat an entire meal, and then hold forth on why he is so lame.  I just decided to leave.  He asked if I’d like to go get a drink before I had to be home, and I said no.  (Note: Drunkenness does bring out the horniness, but if I’ve already decided against a given person it will not help at all.)  So he walked me out to my car and asked if I’d like to do anything tomorrow.  I said, “No, that’s not going to happen.  None of this is going to work.”  So he said, “Okay”.  And I said, “Have a good trip home.”  and that was that.

Like I said, letdown.  I’m used to talking about things.  But guys that suck in that particular way?  They can’t see their own faults.  Any of the truly awesome men I know, if they piss me off or fuck up in some way they REALLY want to know what happened, and then when I tell them they listen and consider what I’ve said.  Because I consider these things, think about them, and can articulate what is going on with me and then discuss the relationship, whatever it may be.  Guys like that?  They’d rather just have another story about how someone was a bitch or too overwhelmed by their awesome manliness.  They just don’t care, so I don’t either.

As a bonus, I found some condoms dude had presumptively left in my apartment the day before.  Now they’ve been saved from a terrible fate and can be used with someone deserving!


One Response to “Bad Date Update”

  1. J. Wilson Says:

    thumbs up! atleast he’s gone,

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