Random Notes

I’m dropping in because I feel like writing but have to go to bed instead, so I’m going to half-ass it by making another “I don’t have enough TIIIIIMMMMEEE!” post.  To which you may reply, “You’d have plenty of time if you didn’t spend so much of it whinging about things.”  Which is a fair point.  But I do a lot of other things, too!

I am taking summer classes.  The Maths one is easy, since it’s all logic, but the English one is oddly frustrating so far.  It’s Technical Writing, and there’s no whinging and no sexiness in Technical Writing.  So there’s both my main topics, right out.  And the first assignment asks, as an extra, to link any examples of writing we may have.  Good thing that’s optional, since I’m going to pass on it.

That said, I’m getting to my massive list of things to write here more slowly because after a week of being derailed I’ve gotten back to the fiction thing I swore I would not abandon this time.

Which also ties into one of the books in the massive pile I’ve been working my way through.  (I’ll get to actual reviews one day, for the curious.)  It’s The Erotic Mind, and so far is one of those books I really want to skip around in because I find myself bored.  A book with that title shouldn’t be boring, but I often find myself thinking, but I already KNOW that – isn’t there a more “advanced” chapter in here?  I’m not skipping though, since something interesting and important could be buried in there somewhere I least expect it.  The tie-in is that early on, the book suggests writing down your own fantasies.  A good suggestion, but I’m already on it, so don’t really need the constant reassurance that it’s okay to do even if it’s scary.  Curling up with the computer is way less scary than, you know, REAL LIFE, so I’m fine.

And in real life, I’m using what little time I have on personal things and sometimes going to parties.  That’s it for time.  All gone.  Next post will be Serious Business again.


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