Vacation Time Continues

It’s still disorganized.  It’s still rousing those feelings of “Not Being Constructive Enough With My Time”.  (which is silly, since this is the first time I’ve had in a couple of semesters that I can actually NOT DO ANYTHING.)  And it’s still giving me those “Should have tied up loose ends before you tried to leave town and relax” moments.  But I’m shaking that off.  One thing that’s been good about having time off (relationship-wise) has been that it’s made me look at what it would actually be like if some of the unfixable-looking things actually are.  No contact for over a week – and I have NOT died.  I’m a little weirded out, but not dead.  That means I’m unlikely ever to die from relationship fuckery.  Yay for learning things!  A lot of what I’m dealing with at the moment is not giving me actual “Yay!” moments, but that is.

Other good things – getting to see friends, and finally lining up a shoot that’s been in the works for a little while.  All the moving from house to house and sleeping in different places and having no schedule whatsoever has got me a bit out of joint, but that’s typical.  My friends are great – busy, but great.

So, I’m still not up to writing anything “real” or “important” but next time I’m talking about heading out of town with no real plans, these vacation entries would be really good to refer back to.  I am Doing It Wrong.  So, if someone could point me in this direction next time I have time off, I’d appreciate it.  When the only typing I’m capable of makes me sound like I’ve been stoned all week I KNOW it’s bad.


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