Dear Patient Readers

My personal life is trudging on now.  Difficult conversations will happen again, and things will get sorted out one way or another, and maybe my next personal journal entry-type post will be fun and sexy.  I sometimes feel bad about using my small amount of writing time to talk about things that are probably not interesting or informative to anyone other than me.  On the other hand, I’m a strong believer in using one’s personal stories to illustrate a point or teach on a certain perspective, so for all I know these times when I pick apart my own angst could be fascinating or useful to someone else.  So I keep writing them.

For now, I am okay.  I promise my next post will be one of the many I’ve been meaning to get to where I talk about something bigger than my little kinky corner of life.  It’ll make me feel better to get back to broader topics, and hopefully will make for better reading.  I’ll still include personal stories, but 50% less whingeing.  Okay, 49% less.


One Response to “Dear Patient Readers”

  1. You can whine if you want to. It’s your blog. And we keep reading. Because you’re good

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