Patient Readers? Still Patient?

I am seriously regretting my whingeing posts at the moment.  I could have used that time to write clever book reviews for you guys!  Also, I seriously misread a few things (again and again), and now I’m on the internet – THE INTERNET, people! – going on and on about little snags that have since been resolved.  A good example is all that I’ve said about my body vs. some imaginary ideal I thought was nestled in Poor Sir’s mind.  You know what I’m going to call that?  Preemptive rejection.  He never had a chance to say anything negative about me, ever, before I did it for Him (I like doing things for Him, remember?), and then He eventually gets all this from me and has to do all the work of telling me it’s not true.  I wonder how many other people have gotten on their “You don’t really find me attractive because X” rant trains just because they were so afraid it was true they wanted to hear themselves say it before their partner did.  Preemptive rejection.  Don’t let it fuck with your relationship.

I ran into a friend the other day, and during the course of our conversation two things came up:

1) “I’m in a great relationship, finally!  I’m so happy and also the communication is great!”

2) “Yes, I do write!  Here’s my blog address!”

So I may have a very confused friend right now.  *Waves*

Since my next entry (the one where I talk about Serious Social Things That I Care About and Amazing True Stories and they totally tie in together) involves a happy couple going out for fun times, I wanted to make sure I filled in the part where shit got fixed.  If I end up with too many continuity errors those guys from MST3K will show up and make fun of me.


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